My beliefs, noted below, are intentionally simple and limited. These are the things I believe to be the essentials from which all other doctrines flow. While I embrace most of the doctrinal debates as interesting, I do not believe they are essential.


In the essentials, unity; In the non-essentials, liberty; But in all things, charity (love). (St. Augustine)          

  • There is just one God Who is sovereign over all, exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and loves all people.
  • All are born with a sinful human nature inherited from Adam.
  • Jesus Christ is the risen son of God, Who died to save all people.
  • Jesus is the only path to salvation. Salvation is by faith alone, but not by a faith that is alone. Once we are born again, I believe each believer will have good works.
  • The Holy Spirit came as promised by Jesus to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. He indwells, and gives spiritual gifts to all who believe Jesus is the Christ.
  • The Bible, in its original writings, is God breathed, without error, and is the Word of God.
  • It is the responsibility of every Christian to find and use their time, talent, and treasure to serve God by serving others. This includes the use of both our natural talents and our spiritual gifts.
  • There will be a final resurrection and judgment of all people – some to everlasting righteousness and some to everlasting punishment.
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