Welcome to Hoffman Training

We are on a mission to truly change the way business thinks; one person at a time. We’ve found staff, managers, and even owners get tunnel vision and lose sight of the reason why they are here. It's real simple - we are all here to make money! The mission statement no one will hang on their wall – “we want to separate our customers from their money as painlessly as possible.”


Over many years we have seen what has worked and what hasn't. The foundation of our company resides on the people side with process reinforcing our direction and vision. At the core of our business is the ability to educate and lead our partners with our proven practices:

  • Every moment is a chance to learn.
  • Management Moments - do you recognize when they occur?
  • Think Like an Owner - how to get your people to think like you do.
  • Co-Venture - helping customers partner in ways once thought impractical.
  • Every decision you make has financial impact - leverage it.

We specialize in the wholesale distribution vertical market, but the principals we use apply to businesses everywhere.

"Profit is not a dirty word. It is what allows an owner to be good to his employees."