Think Like An Owner

Jim Hoffman spent his life in wholesale distribution in just about every role imaginable, but his real strength is in his observations of how people and business intersect. He uses all of his roles, and the perspective gained in those roles, to help front-line employees and managers see past the transaction, to the interaction that makes for good business.


As a customer, Jim understands the expectations of the customer and the disappointment that goes with every sour experience. Because he spent a lot of years in a non-management role, he also knows the frustrations and challenges that go along with trying to excel in a service business. Finally, as a manager and an executive, he has the perspective of one who sees the whole field and knows the importance of well-trained people in every transaction.


It has been said that experience is the best teacher, but Jim would not agree. He would tell you that while experience is a great teacher, a better teacher is the experience of others.


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"Profit is not a dirty word. It is what allows an owner to be good to his employees."