In a world of fixed costs, why can’t we have some fixed savings? Well, you can if you partner with a like-minded company to open branches, share resources, and exchange best practices. Many have considered this approach in the past, but it has not materialized, often because no one has taken the time to make it a process. Until now.


If you are looking for a way to expand your footprint, a Co-Venture (CV) partnership is a great way to do it. CV is a proven method of reducing start-up capital costs for new branches and for reducing the on-going operational expenses of your branches. The model also has huge potential for so many other facets of your business from joint training to joint selling. There is really is no limit to what you can do when they work together for the success of both of their companies.


A CV partnership is a means to greater success through cooperation and the free exchange of ideas and good will. A successful CV entrepreneur will be willing to promote the CV within their own company and will work to make his partner as successful as he is. He must be willing to embrace new ideas he may have once thought impractical or impossible.


Above all else, the CV entrepreneur must be able to see value and opportunities that others would not recognize or embrace. It is a strategy for the creative, the foresighted, and the thoughtful.


CV partnerships are limited to members of Affiliated Distributors. To request more information, click here